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Story - Bunnies

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There walk on earth just two sorts of females – the ones that don’t have the possibility to make gentlemen turn heads after them, and secondly, these who do. Our cupcakes most definitely belong to the latter category, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that if our honeys were in a busy place, and one hundred lads would wait there to see that, then the full a hundred men would find their gaze locked on our bunnies – and this is exactly how breathtaking their looks are.

We admit that it wasn’t so easy to stumble upon such rare beauty and convince them to work with us- but we asked on our knees and bribed, and here we go – these utmost hot stuffs are gettable for you to dispatch them to your hotel suire or home right away! And all of this candy for a surprisingly cheap price of 99,- GBP, but it might differ a a cent, depending upon the details of the place of your exact where abouts.

The total valuation you can instantly ask for by telephoning our reception staff on one of the mobile numbers listed on the website, and a informative employee will quickly give you all the extra info. So browse no more, this filigree bird could be stretching herself like a cat in your hotel just about now. And you don’t even have to fight for her, all you need to do is call our firm. Isn’t it just like something from your best fantasies coming into life?

Have our guarantee for this, that a bunch more might come into realisation, if only you are decisive with your meeting. We have a whole lot of bunnies, but all of them are extremely in demand and the city of London is a big city after all! So be the captain and book before some other gent does. We always promise you full discretion, and never save any personal data, so no one – even your neighbor – will learn that you are in secret with a vixen so filigree she could end up on a magazine cover.

If you assume this is the last of surprises, then we will prove you wrong surprise you even more – you can too get a good discount if appointing for multiple hours or a bunch of girls at once, and on an overnight booking you save the total of 70 GBP.